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Spring is Sprung - Again!

Spring is Sprung – Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring is a gift like all of the seasons – this gift gives us each year the opportunity to fling our arms open wide and to usher in new growth and possibilities. It is a time to be more open to love and joy. Now is the time, like every other year, that we are given the opportunity to renew our hopes, aspirations and dreams. However we cannot do this if we are weighed down by old beliefs that create barriers for opportunities and fulfilment. Loving ourselves and appreciating others is key to our achieving our goals. The Spring Equinox ushered in a time of new balance. Spring invites us all to become aware of whatever is out of balance in our lives and put in the corrections so we can move forward.

Spring Cleaning is a tedious but necessary part of life. Like when you suddenly get the urge to blitz your house with Jif, Dettol, Domestos and all manner of things you need to act on it before the urge disappears - this time of rebirth, renewal and new chances for our spiritual selves must also be seized. The spiritual state of our hearts is the beginning of all opportunity, failed chances and pragmatic evolution. The thoughts of our hearts live in our actions so lets all try to springclean our spiritual selves now.

Lets begin by evaluating those things that hold us back – our spiritual baggage. Sometimes we carry a lifetime of baggage and never realize that it is this that holds us back. Everything we do, we hold onto. It becomes another weapon in our arsenal of self-doubt and self loathing. In getting rid of this baggage we begin to see that we can change and that we can grow.

Next we need to evaluate who we and what we surround ourselves with.

We should think about the following.

Could we change our diet so that our bodies can safely eliminate toxins and regain its natural rhythms.

How much time is spent working

How much of our time is spent worrying

How much of our time is spent with friends

How much of our time is spent having fun

Are we getting enough sleep

When was the last time we took time out just for ourselves.

How can we grow in a healthy way and become more open, compassionate and accepting.

How can we simplify our lives.

We also need to ask ourselves what we want to create in our lives

Physically – are your surroundings cluttered with books that you’ve read (or intend to read) papers that need to be filed or disposed of, clothing that no longer fits you or suits your taste and items you dont know what to do with. Do you find yourself involved in activities that have become a burden. What about your job? Are you fulfilled by your daily professional life? At the end of the day do you have a feeling of satisfaction or boredom?

Emotionally – are you clinging to relationships and situations that no longer serve you? Are you feeling burdened by “Baggage” from the past. Are you holding grudges against those who have wronged you,? Are you stuck in negative, self destructive behaviour?

Financially – what does your budget look like? Are you struggling to pay your bills each month? Do your monthly expenses exceed your income? Do you have a lot of unnecessary expenses for things you could easily live without?

Spiritually are you held back by childhood conditioning or letting others define your spiritual beliefs. Have your spiritual practices become meaningless? Do you feel an inner emptiness, sadness or hopelessness.

We all have it in our power to change anything we dont like. Keep in mind though that it is a process – we wont change all of it overnight.

Make a list – write down anything that is no longer bringing your joy and eliminate it. Ouch. I know thats a hard to thing to consider doing. Even though these things no longer serve us we still feel fearful about releasing them. Work slowly if you have to. One baby step at a time.

Start with the physical clutter first as that’s one of the easiest problems to remedy and one that often cause us to feel confused and stagnant. Go through your house one room at a time and be ruthless. Toss anything you dont need or have affection for and neatly file away things you must keep. Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t used something in the past year what are the chances you‘ll need it again in the near future.

Once your physical surroundings are cleared you’ll probably find yourself feeling inspired and able to tackle the larger and much more difficult emotional, financial and spiritual clutter. This is also a process, so be patient with yourself – take your time but be just as ruthless as you were with the physical clutter – if its no longer serving you – toss it!

If you find that you are exhausted and apathetic it usually means that energy is trapped in your heart. To really give ourselves a spiritual springclean we need to look to where we are still holding on to old resentments and disappointments. Even if we have spent years working on these issues, deeper layers of the same issue can pop up over time. This doesn’t mean that you haven’t done the work it simply means that we you are ready to release at a deeper level.

The problem arises however when we pray for better circumstances but we dont make room for them. What do you want to replace these things with. Its crucial to be absolutely clear about that before you begin this process. Its like asking the universe to fill our glass with sweet lemonade when its already crammed full of sour lemons. We need to remove the lemons, wash out the glass and then specify exactly what we want that glass to be filled with. We’ve all heard the phrase “nature abhors a vacuum” well this works on a spiritual and emotional level too. When you eliminate the clutter from our surroundings inner and outer the universe will rush to fill that space – fill it with what you may ask – well that all depends on what you ask for and what your intention is. Think about what you really want to fill your life with and ask. Write it down and read it to yourself every day. State it aloud to the universe. Ask for it. Affirm it. Welcome it and finally be grateful when it arrives.

Releasing guilt is also so important in terms of your spiritual springclean. If you have made a mistake and lets face it we all have - take a few deep breaths and call in Reiki and deep relaxation., call in and connect to the Universal Law of Forgiveness and ask to be forgiven for anyone you may have hurt in words, deeds or actions. Then ask that the cause of this mistake be released and consumed; spend a few moments sending yourself love and light, wrap yourself in a bubble of love; send energy and love and light to anyone you have harmed consciously or unconsciously and then without the burden of the guilt weighing you down ask yourself if there are any concrete steps you need to take to heal or reconcile a relationship.

We spend endless time cleaning the physical our bodies, our home our clothes but it is so important to cleanse and purify ourselves spiritually. We can actually do both at the same time – safe and gentle purification of the body and the spirit can be done by relaxing in a lavender, rose or jasmine bath – it is nice to sometimes add fresh flowers. Don’t forget to use your morning shower as a time to release all unwanted thoughts and feelings and hand your day over to the light. As the water runs over you you could say I now release any thoughts of limitation or lack, any anger resentment or upset. This is also the time to release all your fears – be they about yourself, your health, your finances, your job, your family, the earth etc., see all fear, worry and negativity going down the drain and notice how much lighter you feel.

Slow down the pace of your life – take some quiet time in the morning to meditate - whatever stabilizes you , grounds you and slows you down – meditation, a long walk, being surrounded by art, calming music, massages, writing your diary whatever just do it. Think of yourself as a plant that needs nourishing soil to grow. The trees that have the strongest roots are able to bend with the winds of change. Become aware of what needs to be weeded out in order for your dreams to manifest.

When we expend too much energy analyzing, planning and attempting to control the course of our lives we need to redress the balance by becoming more spontaneous. It is important to spend time just having fun. This will energize us and bring more creativity and joy into our lives.

Make attainable goals for your spiritual health and growth over the course of the coming year. This includes planning maintenance, growth steps and thoughts towards those who will be in your world. This is your opportunity to reach for those things that you never thought you could. Make those dreams attainable by putting a timeline and steps to them. Sit down and ask yourself – what is holding me back? Why am I afraid to let it go? What dreams do I have? How can I make them goals? Then start answering those questions and free up room in your spirit for your own grace.

Will your springclean be easy. No like all springcleaning it requires a lot of elbow grease. Ask yourself what you really want and then ask yourself what you are willing to give up to get it. Dont let fear hold you back. Know that what you release will be replaced with something much much beter. Just keep working towards what you want.

Celebrate being alive each and every day. Make sure you laugh, love and learn and let the new lover in your life be you!

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